WAFIRA Lagos/Nigeria

The first edition of WAFIRA in Nigeria was launched from 5-7 November 2014 at the University of Ibadan. The program was organized by the DAAD in cooperation with Institute of African Studies (Gender Studies), Women’s Research and Documentation Centre (WORDOC) and the Gender Mainstreaming Office - all leading examples of gender equality at Nigeria Universities.


From all across Nigeria 70 female academics, amongst which were 20 DAAD Alumni, came together to build up their academic careers via establishing networking and effective mentoring structures. The in most parts women-only event was a space for capacity-building where women discussed challenging, painful and personal experiences they encounter in their carriers in the academic world.


The training encouraged careful career planning and proper self-promotion with the aim to boost the number of successful applications from female researchers/academics to the DAAD and other German Scholarship schemes. It informed about application procedures for German Funding Programs and underlined international exposure and its positive influence on academic research.





WAFIRA Lagos/Nigeria

13. - 15.04.2016

Participant’s voices


“Knowing that you are not the only going through an ordeal has a way of making you feel energized to forge ahead. Now I am resolute not to give up on my research writing and proposals for grants.

Also, I now have the right attitude towards my mentor and those that will mentor me in life.

These three days was indeed worth it, everyone I told about the conference wished they were part of it.”



“I have learnt about the importance of communication and negotiation. Before, I would just leave things as there were if I could not get what I want.

Now I know I have to learn negotiation skills, practice on it and effectively communicate my ideas in order to move up.”




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