Dr. Regina Bekoe-Biney

WAFIRA 2017 Facilitator

WAFIRA has made me aware that if others have made it through all the challenges they have gone through then I have no excuse, I have to move on and be determined to make it. That is exactly what I am doing. I am collaborating with other colleagues on research work so that we can advance more to higher heights in academia.


I was part of WAFIRA 2016 and 2017 and it has been an eye opener to me. It is a good learning situation where I got to know what others are doing and have achieved in academia. The willingness of participants and facilitators to share their experiences for others to learn form was so touching and thought provoking. I think we should have a kind of WAFIRA in every institution of higher learning.

Dr. Lydia Aziato

WAFIRA 2017 Facilitator

WAFIRA has motivated me to strive for survival and excellence in academia.


The program was well coordinated and the participants were happy including facilitators. I had a lot of reflections to do after the presentations and will recommend WAFIRA to all female academics and scientists.

Ing. Araba Amo-Aidoo

WAFIRA 2017 Facilitator

WAFIRA has shaped my perspective on the challenges we face as females in academia. Currently I am doing my PhD in Deutschland.


WAFIRA is not a workshop nor talk shop. Its a whole paradigm shift of self actualisation for women (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjmozBdgGog). I am proud and honoured to be part of it.

Miss. Josephine Frimpong

WAFIRA 2017 Participant

WAFIRA 2017 has had a big impact on me. I resolved after WAFIRA that I would not keep quiet all the time over things that bother me. At the end, it is better for me to express myself in a way that would not offend people, than to keep all my concerns bottled up in me and suffer for it. WAFIRA has again encouraged me to pursue a PhD in the future.


WAFIRA 2017 was great. The whole experience was insightful and exciting. I learnt a lot on how women can climb up to the top and the icing on the cake was when great women in academia shared their experiences on how they managed to achieve success at what they do. I was motivated to be best in my chosen career and to also help other women when I have the opportunity. The conference was well planned and well executed.

Based on my experience in 2017 I think I would want to be part of WAFIRA for a long time if I get the opportunity.

Mrs. Beatrice Asenso Barnieh

WAFIRA 2017 Facilitator

I was encouraged to strive to the top at WAFIRA.

WAFIRA is a one stop forum for female academics wanting to advance. At WAFIRA, females in academia share ideas, life experiences, get inspired and strive to the top.

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